Monday, May 14, 2012

Daniel Fast, Day 9: Just Checking In :-)

So I went on strike from eating almonds today, as much as I could.  Breakfast had almonds in it, but it was mixed nuts, and I got a good variety of them in that little packet.  I think I'm gonna do it again tomorrow :-).  Lunch was pintos and grits.  Supper was early due to having to go out for the evening.  I had pintos and guac.  I like that combo so much that I'm eating it again for a snack, with an apple to follow.  I love guacamole :-)!  I just wish I had some pita chips or other tasty flatbread to use as a dipper!

And I don't really have anything else I truly want to talk about.  So in the event nothing else comes to mind, I'm just gonna enjoy my apple and wish y'all a good night and sweet sleep.  See y'all tomorrow, God willing!

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